We use two principles when considering how to serve our communities:

1. Reinventing the wheel wastes both time and money
2. We aren't the expert about everything


So, we find partners who are experts in their field and we support our partners' efforts in our communities.

Big Thought

Leads enhanced Kids Programming at Village Oaks

Providence Energy Corporation

Provide ongoing support and volunteers for activities

Parkland Women's Health

Co-host Health Fairs at Village Oaks and helped start Real Women

Dallas Police Department

Work together to reduce crime

National Junior Tennis

At Fair Oaks Tennis Center provide access to tennis program for our kids

Greater Ideal Baptist Church


Community partner near Village Oaks, men's conference and volunteers

Triumph Bancorp

Provide ongoing support, including school supplies and Christmas gifts.

White Rock Fellowship

Provide volunteers, host basketball camp, Thanksgiving dinners, reading

Park Cities Presbyterian Church

Provide ongoing support and volunteers

Food For Good

Providing affordable access to healthy food and exploring grocery delivery 

Dallas Furniture Bank

Provide access to good furniture at a discounted price

Equal Heart

Provide healthy suppers to children in our communities

Loving All

Provide training for discipleship groups and lead studies at Willow Pond

Dart & Dart Police

Worked together to improve bus stops in our area and improve safety and quality

JC Phelps Recreation Center

Participate in events, provide support for community members

Weir's Furniture

Provided furniture for both community centers

First Tee

Provide golf and life lesson training to kids in and around the Village Oaks community

Greater Ideal Baptist Church


Leader of the neighborhood association and provide volunteers for events

Catchafire/Executives In Action

Provided consulting to improve effectiveness of our organization

Meyer Dunlap

Provide ongoing support for activities and programs

New Saint Peters Church

Support Willow Pond VBS, other activities, and provide volunteers

Kingdom Culture Ministries

Support ongoing activities and provide volunteers

Veritex Bank

Lead Food Pantry and Clothing Closet at Village Oaks

Men of Nehemiah

Lead addiction recovery group at Village Oaks

Faith Church

Provide volunteers, host VBS and Fall Festival

Ghazee Fitness


Provides fitness training, equipment and gym management at Village Oaks

T. Boone Pickens YMCA

Provide access to classes and summer swim lessons twice per week at Village Oaks